Have you felt stuck for too long?

Are you tired of being tired of your life?

Are you deliberately ignoring your problems?

What is your rut? Is it the last ten pounds, finding the motivation to get back into the dating game, finding your next career opportunity or simply being more accountable each and every day?

I believe in the support and service of others. I utilize a multitude of professionals for areas of my life where I need support, guidance, advice and improvement and it has helped me immensely.

Seven years ago, I moved to a city I had never been to before, where I only knew one person, was unemployed, newly divorced, in debt and desperate for a new start. Since then, I have landed a great job, plus many promotions at a prestigious institution, found and created a wonderful life with my lifelong partner, built a strong network of friends, bought two pieces of real estate, started and completed my Masters in Educational Policy Studies, ran my second half marathon, completed over 200 hours of hot yoga, made mental health my main priority and have finally figured out how to be at peace with myself, day in and day out.

I have also successfully completed a Certified Coach Practioner program in order to become an Accountability Coach to those in need of a solid, well-backed support system in order to assist them in becoming a better, more enlightened version of their current selves.

If you need help getting out of your rut or just need an invigoration into your everyday reality contact me today to see if we can work on your problems together.