How to Stay Fit While Practicing Social Distancing

By Sheila Olson

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed just about every area of life, including how we exercise. If you previously relied on the gym, you’ll have to find new ways to stay in shape. Sometimes, you can stay fit just by walking or doing bodyweight exercises at home for the time being. However, sheltering in place might also prompt you to take on a project such as making a home gym. Either way, these resources can help you achieve your fitness goals.

Exercising Outdoors:

●       Hiking is still an option in most places, provided that you practice social distancing.
●       If you walk or hike, choosing less popular trails will help you avoid others.
●       There are also lots of safe ways to get active with your kids outside.
●       If you’re walking or playing somewhere popular, it’s good etiquette to wear a mask.
●       In any case, follow the safety precautions for children wearing face masks.

Indoor Fitness Ideas:

●       Get some home gym equipment such as a treadmill that you can use to stay fit.
●       Some gym equipment is compact enough to fit in the smallest of spaces.
●       If you don’t have room for any workout gear, you can still exercise with zero equipment.
●       Yoga is another great way to stay fit with minimal equipment.
●       Watching fitness YouTube channels is a fun way for the whole family to exercise. 
●       Make sure you keep the space decluttered to avoid any spikes in stress and anxiety.
Keeping up with a fitness routine is one of the best ways to give yourself structure during uncertain times. Working out indoors is the easiest way to stay in shape while avoiding others. However, with the right precautions, you can still exercise outdoors alone or even with your kids.

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