How to Get Through the Tough Times: Making Your Relationship Work Through the Highs and the Lows

Relationships are great when they are great, but when they are not so great it can be really hard to see the value in them. 

Relationships are not an absolute, something which is definite and unchanging, but rather its something that is changing all of the time. The person you met on the very first day and the person you are with today are not the same person. They have evolved, with your relationship, their own choices, and the direction of their life. 

It is neither a good thing or a bad thing, it is simply a thing. That is how life works; one day we wake up and we are years older and laugh at how we thought so many years ago. What excited us, during the early days of our relationship might drive us into wild, frenzied fights a few years in.

Perhaps the ‘little things,’ which you never thought would be a problem, are now driving you slowly up each and every figurative wall you face. Perhaps having a partner who can never seem to get anywhere on time did not seem like a big deal and even cute five years ago, but after being late for almost every important event you two have attended in the past half-decade, this little quirk has evolved into a quandary. 

That’s okay because that’s how life works. In some phases of your life, you are comfortable or even happy with things that you may later on never stand for or have the patience for. 

So, how does one stay in one relationship for longer than a fortnight if this is the case? 

The answer is simple: you must choose which hill you plan to (figuratively) die on very seriously and daily. You have to pick and choose which battles you are willing to take on, clearly know why and you must also know the latter, what you are willing to tolerate, ignore or compensate on, for the sake of your relationship.

If you make every strife a situation your relationship will not last and if it does last, it will not be very much fun at all. Learning to pick and choose what to deal with and what to compromise with is vital for a healthy relationship.