Time, Money and Energy: Where are Your Most Valuable Resources Being Used?

Everything you want to achieve in life is going to time, money and energy. What I find so interesting is that many people seem so reluctant to spend their time, money and energy on their most important life goals.


Individuals expect too much from others and too little of themselves. Everyone is looking for that perfect handout, but no one seems willing to dig deep and do it for themselves.

Successful people, people at the top of their profession, have spent a lot of time, money and energy getting to where they are, but people only focus on where they are and not where they came from.

People forget about the hustle it takes to be successful. The early mornings dedicated to a goal, greater than wanting to be wealthy.

People forget about the daily dedication it takes to be successful. People just see someone, with the title of doctor, but tend to not pay attention to the years of dedication to the title of student the individual endured to get there.

People forget about the cost to be successful. People think that successful people are just lucky, but they are not, they are resourceful. While others are spending their money on instant gratifications and material wants, successful people are investing in their future, their minds and their health.

People forget that the journey to success is just that, a journey, it takes a long, long, long time. If success was an overnight event, why are the most successful people in the world still the hardest workers? They are wealthy, but they are still working; this in itself is proof that money and fame are not the goal, but the passion and drive for the goal is what propels them.

If you are sitting around, frustrated and wondering when ‘your time’ is going to come, quit feeling sorry for yourself, organize your time, money and energy and make it happen. No one is going to do it for you, but you can try and prove me wrong by continuing to wait for that perfect handout.