How Ageism May Be Limiting Your Learning

Do not base a person’s competency on their age. Do not assume things because someone is much younger or older than you. Do not devalue a person you do not even know by a stereotypical reaction of their worth based on their life experience.

The kindest person I know is over a decade younger than me and I learn from them all the time.

Some of my best friends are twenty years older than me and our friendships could not be more parallel, perfect and pleasing for all parties.

I have had teachers who are younger than me and I learned from them just as well as the teachers who were older than me.

I have learned from children because I listen to what they say and do.

I learn from seniors because I respect them and give them the room to speak.

I try to listen to everyone and instead of thinking about how much more I may know from them, I simply try to absorb, learn and grow from them as much as I can.

Quit making assumptions about others based on their age.

A twenty year old may know a lot more about resiliency than you. A sixty year old may know a lot about heartbreak than you ever imagined.

Age is nothing, but people make it everything.

Learn from others because we are all on our unique journey, so do not diminish your life by only choosing to associate with other people in the same age bracket as you.